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Made in Germany by Markus Riedl

"We want to build the fastest and most reliable automated system for your pharmacy."

Brief history

Markus Riedl has been a leading figure in the design and engineering of German made automated storage systems for pharmacies from the very beginning in 1995. He was involved in the development of the ROWA prototype. From 1997 until 2006 he was part owner of MACH4. Always on the mission to improve his products he started his own engineering company RIEDL in 2008. The head office is in Plaue, Germany. He has dedicated more than 10 years to develop and constantly improve his very own gripping systems which are multi-picking and arguably the most reliable on the market. He strives for quality and simplicity. In 2014 Riedl technology attracted investors and the company is now under the umbrella of the GPI group, an Italian healthcare provider.

We build products that represent our values

Our grippers and axis are not only the core in our pharmacy product PHASYS - they are applied in industry, warehouses and hospital automation. They have to be robust, fast, reliable and affordable. We are determined to deliver only the very best in engineering of highly innovative technology coupled with in-house software development. That is how we can guarantee smooth up-scaling and adaptable solutions.

In der Aue 9
D-99338 PLAUE
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E-mail: info@riedlautomation.com

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