RIEDL Phasys uses less than half a kw / h and does not require the adaptation of the electrical system. This is possible thanks to the low friction between the robot and the warehouse (absence of cables and reduced weight of the gripping unit) and to a KERS System that recovers the braking energy to be reused in acceleration.





























The reduced friction, the low weight of the gripping unit and the integrated KERS minimize the average and peak consumption (similar to those of a common household appliance). For this reason RIEDL Phasys does not require any adaptation of the electrical system of your pharmacy.







  • The gripper and axis can be replaced in 15 minutes and are self-calibrating
  • Remote control of all individual parts


  • Less downtime
  • Low Maintenance
  • Trustworthy

A perfected solution in automation

How to improve and challenge existing automation solutions and strive for customer satisfaction? That is the key question for our engineering team. The outcome is an automated stock management and dispensing system that is extremely economical, fast and most importantly, reliable. You can count on RIEDL.

Easy to use

No matter if you are using the manual loading or automated intake, the system will guide you intuitively and will take care of the process. Full integration with your POS software will guarantee minimum change to your everyday procedures.



RIEDL Phasys robotic systems use Wireless technology.

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The RIEDL Phasys gripper moves within the system at a speed of 5 meters per second.

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Each RIEDL Phasys is built according to the needs of each customer.

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