RIEDL Phasys

Sophisticated Simplicity in Automation


Choose RIEDL Phasys for your pharmacy

Discover a new level of efficiency and customization.


We design and build your own RIEDL Phasys, according to your specific needs.

The technological core becomes an integral part of the furniture

You can choose among a wide range of finishes and colours for your RIEDL Phasys.

By using the external shelves, which can be attached directly to RIEDL Phasys exterior panels, the front side of the system becomes a furnishing component, perfectly integrated in your pharmacy. Moreover, the external glass panels will let your customers enjoy the technological core of your pharmacy.

Have products delivered wherever you want in a few seconds

You can customise the number and position of the outputs. Thanks to our ad-hoc delivery systems, each item can reache any point in your pharmacy (also on different floors) with an incomparable speed.

It fits into the available space

Thanks to the diff erent RIEDL Phasys configurations (L-U-I- Shape with built-in or external loading bay) the system can be adjusted to the structure of your pharmacy, thus being consistent with its style.

Which shape would best suit your pharmacy?

Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to offer you our free consultation.


RIEDL Phasys bidirectional gripper moves at a speed of 5 meters per second and can dispense over 1,000 packages per hour*,drastically reducing order processing times.


No risk of medication falling

Accurate handling of packages, even cylindrical ones, on both sides of the
warehouse occurs without the need for gripper rotation, eliminating the risk of medication falling.


Non stop loading system

The LTL (Load-To-Light) semi-automatic multipicking loading enables to load up to 900 packs per hour with a single belt.


Automatic reading of expiry date

RIEDL OCR is the innovative system for the automatic reading of expiry dates when loading and it is available also for semi-automatic loading. Managing drugs has never been so easy and fast!


The connection between the gripper and the rest of the system occurs through a dedicated Wi-Fi network, meaning no cables. The system is quicker to install, easier

to use, and maintain.


RIEDL Phasys consumes less than half a kWh, like a common household appliance. The lightweight gripper, reduced friction, and integrated KERS technology make the RIEDL Phasys system extremely cost-eff ective (approximately 0.39 kWh consumption).
And your bill is lighter too!


All accesses inside the machine are protected by certified safety systems that,
in case of opening, instantly block the movements of the gripper.


The precision in package handling, ensured by the system’s automatic and real-time correction of the gripper’s position, ensures high service continuity, eliminating inefficiencies and machine downtime.

Help 24/7

The widespread presence of the GPI Group throughout Italy and abroad ensures prompt intervention and quick resolution of requests.

Looking to set up your automated pharmacy?

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